Berlin est à nous
Berlin est à nous


The designer-duo Ulrike and Ramiro launched their label MIROÏKE in 2004 in Berlin. Both designers are graduates of the Berlin University of the Arts, where they swiftly developed an original design aesthetic while studying fashion design under the venerable Vivienne Westwood. For the collection MIROÏKE prefers a small selection of favourite items, clothes, accessories and shoes. Each item for itself radiates a properly worked-out design, achieving a high aesthetic with few stylistic means - a combination of timeless elegance and a charming edge. The design does everything. The focus on essential design reflects refined combinations of material, architecturally inspired cuts along with craftsmanship techniques of the highest standard.

This and a great respect and sensitivity for fabrics such as silk, wool, linen, cotton and supple leather are part-and-parcel of MIROÏKE’s approach to a feminine high-end. 

The production is handmade in Berlin.



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