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Approximation in the Digital Age to a Humanity Condemned to Disappear, 12-inch LP, 2015, Gatefold + Print

Musical score written and produced by Kamran Sadeghi
Commissioned by Mario Pfeifer for the multichannel video installation Approximation in the Digital Age for a Humanity Condemned to Disappear

Graphics by Markus Weisbeck, photographs and video stills by Mario Pfeifer
Published by Sternberg Press
Produced by KOW

  • Print: Print: Digital Print by Mario Pfeifer (20cmx30cm) / Edition of 100: Numbered and limited to 100 copies

 || Berlin est à nous 独家发售 || 

  • About the art piece:

This vinyl and the print were made through the installation of Mario Pfeifer: Approximation in the Digital Age to a Humanity Condemned to Disappear.

Approximation presents a portrait of a nation and community that violently underwent cultural and religious, social, political and economical transformation in a moment where it is about to disappear. Through an observational approach and the acceptance of the community Approximation makes not only visible the cruelty of anthropological practices in the region but appeals to a different kind of representation in moving images towards cultures that have existed long before the imperalistic gaze.

Kamran Sadeghi, New York-based musician and member of the Soundwalk Collective, contributed the musical score for Mario Pfeifer’s video installation Approximation in the digital age for a humanity condemned to disappear (2014). For his digital compositions Sadeghi, in dialogue with Pfeifer, took the field recordings made by missionary and anthropologist Martin Gusinde in 1923 of Yaghan chants in Bahia Mejillones as point of departure and reference. The chants—one of which is digitally reproduced on the LP—are the only documents of their kind of the religious ceremonies and rites of the Yaghans, who have inhabited the southernmost parts of the world for more than 6,500 years and were, at that time, living on Shunuko, an island today known as Isla Navarino, in Tierra del Fuego. The original field recordings were made on wax cylinders, which are housed today at the Ethnological Museum of Berlin where they were digitalized.

  • Tracklist
    1    Kamran Sadeghi >   Approximation (4:01)
    2    Kamran Sadeghi >   White Land Ltd. (3:54)
    3    Kamran Sadeghi >   Echoes over Beagle (5:48)
    4    Kamran Sadeghi >   Disco Elkaos (2:49)
    5    Kamran Sadeghi >   Ghosts (1:33)
    6    Yamana Indian Masemikens Pedro in Meejillones >   Walze 14 / Gusinde (2:26)
                                                               Archive – Ethnologisches Museum, Staatliche Museen zu Berlin
    7    Kamran Sadeghi >   Approximation Traler Edit (3:55)  > Listen >> ApproximationApproximation.3gp

Approximation in the... 收藏家打印并记录 | Mario Pfeifer

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