Remesalt is a Berlin based fashion fair brand. Their aesthetic is genderless. Local, handmade and sustainability are their premise.

Genderless, every single pieces can be wear for everyone regardless her/his/its gender, it is a matter of attitude. 

Most of their pieces are made in their studio in Berlin or made by a local seamstresses either in Berlin or Szczecin. That allows them to maintain constant control over quality and sustainability to maintain an eco-friendly responsible production process and to minimise waste.

They do only small quantities and believe in skilled craftsmanship, expertise and knowledge.

Because local is per se sustainable, they believe on the great impact of local economy has on all and each of us. Secondly because they care about the environment. They try as much as possible to work with organics and bio cottons along with other eco-textiles such as Tencell. They also use leftovers from the industry and give those fabrics a second chance, as well as, they try to work in upciclying more and more.



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